All worked up and no one to blame

The publication of the Rumsfeld memorandum caused all the warbloggers who are sooooo busy fighting Islamofacism from their rumpus rooms to get their camouflage jammies in a twist. Pitchforks in hand, American flags fluttering form their big brawny shoulders, they were all set to track the America/Bush-hating bastard down and give him whatfor….

Except that the leaker was Rummy:

UPDATE: I’m scanning everything that’s being written about this “leak,” and I’m still not seeing evidence that it was “leaked.” (That evidence may be out there and I’m just missing it.) But what I see in the USA Today story is this: “Three members of Congress who met with Rumsfeld Wednesday morning said the defense secretary gave them copies of the memo and discussed it with them.” This is not how you handle a confidential internal memorandum, is it, if you don’t want it to see the light of day.

And when the Pentagon spokesman’s reaction isn’t outrage, but praise for his boss, you have to wonder. (I’m referring to this from USA Today: “Pentagon spokesman Lawrence DiRita declined to comment specifically on the memo, but he said Rumsfeld’s style is to “ask penetrating questions” to provoke candid discussion. ‘He’s trying to keep a sense of urgency alive.'”)

I could certainly be wrong, but isn’t it possible that we’re all falling for a “leak” story here, when actually this dissemination was something that Rumsfeld may have desired?


In the meantime enjoy the fulminatin’, chest thumpin’, self righteous blather over at the He-Man Let Someone Else Do The Fightin’ Circle Jerk.

I loves me this part:

LT Smash, recently returned from the Gulf and Iraq, writes:

These are precisely the kinds of topics that our military leaders need to be discussing. But given the strategic implications of these questions, this should be an internal discussion, not one that is splashed across the front page of the USA TODAY.

I join Glenn Reynolds in calling on the government to subpoena the reporters who wrote this story and compel them to give up their source.

This leaker isn’t a whistleblower who deserves protection. This was an act of treason.

And where are all the people who were screaming about the Plame leak?

Is Glenn going to hold Rummy down while Lt. Smash gives him treason noogies?

Heh. Indeed…..

Next step from the Fightin’ Keyboarders: “It’s the media spin.”



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