Meanwhile, Biff Buckley continues his lawsuit against Milford High School….

If you’re enjoying the Slacktivists deconstruction of Tim LaHaye’s first Left Behind book, make sure you check out the continuing adventures of Gil Thorpe written by LaHaye’s partner, Jerry Jenkins. Gil Thorpe, of course, coaches the Milford High School Mudlarks football/basketball/baseball teams (apparently he’s the only head coach the school can afford) on that alternate fifties-meets-the-new millenium earth that exists only in the minds of both Jenkins and Jack Chick.

Thorpe has quite a following among amused art students due to it’s improbable angles and complete lack of visual depth and perspective….

…and then there is the satanic high school radio broadcaster, Marty Moon

Good stunted family fun.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....