Converting obsession into celebrity

Donald Luskin, the man who stalks Paul Krugman, wants an apology and a side-order of airtime to celebrate himself and publicy air his penis-envy over Krugman:

On nationwide television last Friday night, Paul Krugman falsely accused me of committing the felony of stalking. On the popular Hannity & Colmes show, Krugman said of me,

That’s a guy, that’s a guy who actually stalks me on the web, and once stalked me personally.
For some time now Krugman has used a multi-tiered rhetorical strategy: To disagree with his opinion is to lie, to advocate policies that conflict with his own is to be “political,” and to hold a vision of America’s future that is different from his vision is to be part of a “radical regime.” But this is a new twist. Now, to criticize Paul Krugman is a crime.

I am not now nor have I ever been a stalker. What I am is Krugman’s most persistent critic. I criticize him in my regular “Krugman Truth Squad” column for National Review Online, and on the blog of my forthcoming book, The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid. Is that stalking on the web?

As to stalking him personally, the one and only time I’ve ever even seen him in person was on October 6, 2003. I attended a lecture he gave at the University of California at San Diego as part of his tour to promote his book. I listened to the lecture. I videotaped parts of the event with a personal camcorder. Like many members of the audience, I submitted a written question to Krugman. And like many members of the audience, I stood in line to have him sign a copy of his book. I asked him to inscribe it to me, in the process of which he (naturally) realized my identity. He made the inscription, and I said to him, “Now you keep up the good work, Paul,” and walked away. Krugman continued to sign autographs


I demand from Paul Krugman a full, immediate, and public retraction, as well as an apology. And I would welcome the opportunity from Fox News to appear on the Hannity & Colmes show in order to set the record straight.



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