The Third Ring of Hell

World O’Crap continues their descent into that which is truly icky: Conservative Sites. My favorite comes from the Ann Coulter Dating Club where a gal that tells you exactly what she wants and you best cough it up, bub:

While Ann’s group seems to be at least 80% male (ladies, take advantage of this great opportunity!), let’s meet HottieChick. a 24-year-old slender, blonde, extremely attractive, extremely stylish,woman:

What are some of the qualities you look for in someone you are dating?:
I’m looking for a Conservative guy that can treat me in the fashion to which I’m accustomed. I like older men, especially if they are well-situated, but I also like younger guys that can treat me like the exciting, attractive girl I am. I dress sexily to please my man and love talking about politics and God.

What things turn you off about someone?:
Don’t write me if you are obviously unattractive. I can’t stand liberal politics or America-haters. Also, don’t write if you can’t take me out to the high-class places I like to go. I am NOT a McDonald’s type of girl, and offering to take me to the park will not fool me.

Tell others more about yourself:
I am a very sexy and intelligent person. I like to talk about politics with people that agree with me, and I like high class places.

I’m thinking that Lynne Cheney may have lied about her age just a teensy-weensy bit. That, and the attractive part….

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