Compassionate liberalism at work….watch your step…..hearts are bleeding.

We care. Sometimes we care deeply, sometimes not so deeply, but we always care. I’ve been doing a lot of soul seaching lately (oh, it doesn’t really take that much time. Maybe about the time it takes to make toast. Light golden brown, thank you, no margarine…) and what I found is that I have neglected (nay! failed!) to have much in the way of that compassion that we liberals are absolutely waterlogged with for Rush “Mother’s Little Helper” Limbaugh. I guess it was the words of David Frum or possibly the smackdown (boy, does my ass hurt from that one) I got from closeted non-combatant lil mensch, Ben Shapiro, that made me see the light.

But I think it’s time that we all Help People Help Themselves by assisting with our hard-earned tax dollars to see that Rush gets the help he needs to get this feces-flinging hillbilly monkey off of his back. For a hard case like Rush, where you’re popping OxyContins like Skittles, I believe it is only the government that can provide the serious rehabilitation that can get Rush back on the straight and, well, not narrow, maybe husky or possibly tends-towards-obesity path. You get the idea.

Because it takes a village to detox a dittohead, here is how you too can help Rush to once again see a brighter day when the walls aren’t crawling with Hillary-headed nematodes and he doesn’t wake up each morning in a pool of Marta’s vomit.

Contact :

Barry E. Krischer
The State Attorney’s Office
401 North Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach Florida 33401

Main Telephone Number: (561) 355-7100
FAX Number: (561) 366-1800
Email Address:

…and let him know that you would appreciate his efforts in getting Rush into a state facility (for a period of no less than five years, with time off for not putting up a fuss when someone tells him “toss my salad, fool”) where he can get the kind of rehabilitation that the state of Florida provides to all unfortunate victims of inadvertent drug addiction, possession, possession with intent to sell, and rhyming “ladies “with “Mercedes”.

As Sally Struther’s might say “Won’t you please help? And are you going to eat those fires…?”.

(thanks to Chris C. for the contact)



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