Let’s ask Flightsuit Boy.

Andrew Sullivan says:

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? It seems to me that the anti-Bush crowd has been missing the real story, as usual. Instead of attempting to parse the administration’s arguments before the war, they’d do better to focus on the Pentagon’s massive incompetence after the war. Two things spring to mind: why weren’t forces directed to secure all possible WMD sites immediately? And why were troops not sent to secure Saddam’s conventional weapon sites immediately? The Baathist resistance is now fueled primarily by those weapons. The fate of WMDs is unsure – a critical reason for the war in the first place. Did Rumsfeld even think for a second about these post-war exigencies? Why were these objectives not included in the original war-plan as a whole? I have no idea. The pre-war and the war were executed as well as we could hope for. The immediate post-war was a disaster. Shouldn’t someone take responsibility? It seems to me that since the left is so hopeless at constructing rational criticism, some of us pro-war types need to get mad and ask some tough questions.

Okay. Let’s start by demanding answers from the Commander in Chief. Right after he finishes his golf game…..



Yeah. Like I would tell you....