What I learned from the White House

Listen to enough Press Secretaries and you too can learn to spin. For example:

After more than five months of bitter party squabbles and two quorum-busting flights into exile by Democratic lawmakers, the Republican-controlled Texas Senate gave final approval Sunday night, without debate, to new Congressional districts that put the Republicans in a far stronger position to dominate the Texas delegation in the 2004 elections and beyond.

The measure now goes to Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, who has said he will sign it. The Republicans, who now trail the Democrats 17 to 15 in Washington, are likely to gain seven seats by some accounts.


“I move adoption of House Bill 3,” said the sponsor, Senator Todd Staples, Republican of Palestine, at 6:45 p.m., after a 45-minute delay in the unusual Sunday vote that raised the prospect of yet another unexpected development. But the count proceeded quickly, and when it was over at 6:48 the tally stood at 17 for and 14 against. All 12 Democrats voted nay; two of the body’s 19 Republicans joined them in opposition.

17 Republicans voted for redistricting, while 12 Democrats and 2 Republicans voted against it.

Were this White House they would be pointing out that the redistricting passed despite bipartisan disapproval.



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