I am so the boss of you.

Changing topics and pandering for votes, El Presidente Borracho is rattling his toy saber at Cuba now.

“CLEARLY, THE CASTRO regime will not change by its own choice,” Bush told a gathering at the White House Rose Garden. “But Cuba must change.”

The president said that too many Americans were bypassing the restriction against travel to Cuba. They are using humanitarian relief work as a cover to go on holiday or “carry cash into Cuba,” he said.

“The Department of Homeland Security will enforce the law,” he said, adding that Americans also will be prevented from traveling through third countries or by private vessel.

The administration had been signaling for weeks that new steps concerning Cuba were being planned. A small group of advisers, including Secretary of State Colin Powell, were asked to provide advice on hastening what the administration calls the “inevitable democratic transition in Cuba.”

Some of Cuban President Fidel Castro’s most ardent opponents have criticized the Bush administration for not doing more to bring about democratic change in Cuba.

Let’s see…Cuba won’t let people come to America which makes them an oppresive regime. The US won’t let it’s citizens travel to Cuba…because we are a democracy.

Freedom…Bush style.



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