That’s going to leave a mark

Paul Krugman:

Still, some would say that criticism should focus only on Mr. Bush’s policies, not on his person. But no administration in memory has made paeans to the president’s character — his “honor and integrity” — so central to its political strategy. Nor has any previous administration been so determined to portray the president as a hero, going so far as to pose him in line with the heads on Mount Rushmore, or arrange that landing on the aircraft carrier. Surely, then, Mr. Bush’s critics have the right to point out that the life story of the man inside the flight suit isn’t particularly heroic — that he has never taken a risk or made a sacrifice for the sake of his country, and that his business career is a story of murky deals and insider privilege.

Donald Luskin must be having an aneurysm this morning…..

Yup. He is:

Paul Krugman hawks his book in his New York Times column today, and belatedly responds to colleague David Brooks’ September 30 column, in which Brooks accused Krugman and his fellow leftist best-sellers of indulging not in mere partisanship, but in flagrantly ignorant hatred. Krugman defends himself against the charge that he lacks “civility” — a term that Brooks never used, and one that hardly captures Brooks’ point.

The defense? First, that there is no civil way to talk about the Bush administration’s lies and policy failures. Huh? He acts as if those topics themselves were uncivil, thus completely ducking any accountability or even an examination of how those topics have been discussed.

He says a lot more but, as is the case with most Luskin columns, the more he says…the less he says.

This is pretty funny though:

And you want to see some real incivility on the left? Go the blog of someone who calls himself Atrios (whom Krugman has said he reads regularly), and look at the things he and his readers are saying about yours truly. With Krugman, to disagree is to lie; to prefer different policies is to be a radical. To these guys, to attend a lecture and get an autograph is to stalk. Check it out. Not civil. Not for the faint of heart.

Thin-skinned, isn’t he?



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