Wait till he finds out that everyone has been sneaking out to TGIFridays every Thursday night after work without inviting him

The Bush administration’s shake-up of its policymaking structure for Iraq was overshadowed on Wednesday by an admission from the White House that Donald Rumsfeld, the defense secretary in charge of reconstruction, had not been consulted.

BACKTRACKING on the assurances he made at the beginning of the week that Mr. Rumsfeld had been “very involved in this process” Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, said on Wednesday: “Maybe I should not have characterized it that way.”

Mr. Rumsfeld told the Financial Times on Tuesday he had not learned of the Iraq Stabilization Group, a new coordinating body headed by Condoleezza Rice, national security adviser, until he received a classified memo from her. Mr. Rumsfeld said he had not been briefed beforehand.

It’s not so much the Rummy is “out of the loop”, it’s just that the rest of the Double Secret War Council and Beers Of the World Posse don’t really enjoy hanging with him and he never buys a round and every time they go to a rave he either wants to go home early or he starts doing that Natalie Merchant-swirly dance that is, like, soooo embarrassing.

Did I mention the old man smell?



Yeah. Like I would tell you....