More reasons why he doesn’t have press conferences….

Our National Embarrassment speaks:

Q Thank you, Mr. President. Mr. President, do you think that Israel’s air strike in Syria was justified? And do you think that you can work with the Palestinian Prime Minister, who says he would not use force under any circumstances against Palestinian militants?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Terry, I talked to Prime Minister Sharon yesterday. I expressed our nation’s condolences at the needless murder of innocent people, by the latest suicider.


Q Thank you, Mr. President. What is the purpose of the Iraq stabilization group? And is this an acknowledgment that the effort to stabilize Iraq is flagging? Does it diminish the authority of Secretary Rumsfeld?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Yes. You know, it’s common for the National Security Council to coordinate efforts, interagency efforts. And Condi Rice, the National Security Advisor, is doing just that. And this group formed within the National Security Council is aimed at the coordination of interagency efforts, as well as providing a support group to the Department of Defense and Jerry Bremer. That’s the purpose.

I’m sure Paul Bremer (also known as Imperial Viceroy Jerry) will be happy to know that help is on its way. Unless a suicider gets him first.

(Thanks to Rob for the tip)

(Added): Does this makes the people of Iraq “Jerry’s Kids”?

(Added redux): According to several alert readers, apparently Bremer’s nickname is Jerry. And here I thought that Bush only gave nicknames like Bruno (Frank Bruni), Dulce (Candy Crowley), or Skankzilla (Ann Coulter).

This, of course, doesn’t make him any less of an idiot.



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