“Making mock”

David Frum is pulling for the big guy….

Jews worldwide begin 24-plus hours of introspection and atonement at sundown tonight. The Yom Kippur prayerbook mentions almost every possible variety of human sin, but one category of sinfulness is repeatedly singled out for special mention: malicious speech. I thought of those Yom Kippur prayers as I listened to Joe Lieberman gleefully making mock of the allegations against Rush Limbaugh at last week’s Democratic National Committee meeting.

I have no idea of whether these allegations are true, false, or somewhere in between. But even if they were true, all that they suggest that Limbaugh has become biochemically dependent on the painkillers and sedatives he took while fighting the deafness that threatened his radio career. Limbaugh’s triumph over adversity is both a tribute to him and to the stunning medical technology that restored his hearing – but if the allegations are true, this triumph may have come at a cost.

Rush Limbaugh is made of the same human stuff as all the rest of us. His outsized talents do not protect him from mortal vulnerabilities. And if he has succumbed to such a vulnerability, that seems to me to be reason for sympathy, not mockery.

You hear much handwringing among the great and good about Americans’ ignorance of politics and indifference to their civic responsibilities. No living American has done more to make Americans interested in and aware of the doings of their government than Rush Limbaugh. He is a patriot, and a man of public spirit, and above all, a great national educator. He had a rough week last week. But he’ll be back at the old stand this week – indomitable.

Hmmmm. No mention of the “biochemically dependent” Rush making drug buys through his maid. Possibly it is one of Rush’s vulnerabilities that he didn’t recognize that, as a rule, housekeepers are generally not licensed to prescribe and dispense drugs. At least not where I live.



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