Guns outlawed, forced gay mariages, cats and dogs sleeping together…..

A reader (whose name I won’t publish) sent in this example of how the Free Republic primates think:

To: Dog

“Watch for the next shoe to drop ……and I would guess it will be directed
at discediting Fox News.”

It’s a long way until November 2004…There are many other shoes to
drop…You are right about Fox News…I think you will begin to see them
morph into CNN right before our eyes. Sean Hannity might be next…
Churches, religious groups will be attacked, discredited and painted as hypocrites,
key senate races, etc, etc. The question is what will Clark/Hillary do the
first 100 days in office? Repeal tax cuts, gay marriages, withdraw from Iraq
and turn it over to the UN, and apologize to the world for the “mistakes” of
our current president and will take steps to never let that happen again!!!
They will fabricate a crisis that will somehow allow them to overturn the
constitution and dissolve the Congress. Republican party dissolved,
outlawed…Free Republice outlawed and shut down, religious freedom
curtailed and monitored, persecuted…the kind of stuff that’s written in
the last book of the Bible…Regardless if you are religious or not, you
will see that the world is heading into a turmoil never seen before, it will
come to a head within our lifetime..

760 posted on 10/02/2003 7:04 AM PDT by Maringa


To: Maringa

I agree with you – this is the beginning of something that I can’t even

I need to remember to take a deep breath (a VERY deep breath) and – being a
Christian – I will then remember that God IS in Control!!

May God have mercy on us.

765 posted on 10/02/2003 7:14 AM PDT by MasonGal

Man. You can’t make this shit up.

The question is: how do you discredit Fox News?

(Added): Snant has more from the feces throwers.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....