…and we thought he was President because of his clear vision of a better America

The Wall Street Journal finally got around to admitting that President Whistleass ain’t nothing if he doesn’t have his Rove on:

Of course! The reason this is suddenly a story is because Mr. Rove, the President’s political strategist and confidant from Texas, has become the main target. Joseph Wilson, the CIA consultant at the center of this mini-tempest, had recently fingered Mr. Rove as the official who leaked to columnist Robert Novak that Mr. Wilson’s wife works for the CIA. Mr. Wilson has offered no evidence for this, and he’s since retreated to say only that he now believes Mr. Rove had “condoned it.” The White House has replied that the charge is “simply not true.” But no matter, the scandal game is afoot.

The media, and the Democrats now slip-streaming behind them, understand that the what of this mystery matters much less than the who. It’s no accident that Tony Blair’s recent and evanescent scandal over WMD evidence concerned his long-time political aide and intimate, Alastair Campbell. We’re also old enough to recall what happened to Jimmy Carter’s Presidency once his old Georgia friend Bert Lance was run out of town. If they can take down Mr. Rove, the lead planner for Mr. Bush’s re-election campaign, they will have knocked the props out of his Presidency.

Of course they also endorse the idea that only true believers need apply when it comes to giving unbiased advice:

The real intelligence scandal is how an open opponent of the U.S. war on terror such as Mr. Wilson was allowed to become one of that policy’s investigators. That egregious CIA decision echoes what has obviously been a long-running attempt by anonymous “intelligence sources” quoted in the media to undermine the Bush policy toward Iraq. Mr. Bush’s policies of prevention and pursuing state sponsors of terror overturned more than 30 years of CIA anti-terror dogma, and some of the bureaucrats are hoping to defeat him in 2004.

They fail to point out that by picking lock-step investigators they could save oodles on air fare and per diem and exploding watches and other cool spy stuff. Just have the analysts sit at a desk and crank out policy papers and theories on Pax Americana to support the chickenhawks sitting in the executive suites. If they do a really good job, maybe some of their work will end up in the State of the Union. Hey, it could happen….



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