Meanwhile, back in the real world….

Opinions You Should Have has the Story You Should Read

World O’Crap bitchslaps the bitch known as Rush. She’s talking about dumbass uninformed Rush, not dumbass racist Rush. For dumbass racist Rush you have to go to Skippy or Steve Gilliard.

Busybusybusy saves you the time you mind have spent reading dreary wannabe-Dominick Dunne-with-an-agenda, David Brooks. Here’s Joe Conason, if you want a more detailed and just as precise overview.

Jon at San Diego Soliloquies points out that a chart that says you’re winning is trumped by a spreadsheet that says you’re not.

and Jim is back at Rittenhouse and there is lots to read. So go. Read.

Go on. Shoo. I’m done. Why are you still here? There are no outtakes in blogging…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....