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You know, if Hillary Clinton had done this the freepers would be crapping fireballs:

For White House planners, the image had to be picture perfect: the first lady, the American flag and the Eiffel Tower all in the same photo frame.

So when Laura Bush raised the American flag today to signal the return of the United States to Unesco after a 19-year boycott, there was nothing subtle about the symbols.


After her speech, in the courtyard, Mrs. Bush stood ramrod straight, her hand on her heart, as the mezzo-soprano Susan Graham sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” and the American flag was raised to join the flags of the 189 other members.

But Mrs. Bush did not face the flag as the anthem was sung; instead, she stood perpendicular to it, enabling photographers to capture her in profile, with the flag and the Eiffel Tower behind. The scene was carefully planned for days by a White House advance team, much to the amusement of longtime Unesco employees.

And, of course, there is the daily atrocity (no, not Laura’s suit):

Mrs. Bush’s 17-member delegation included Louise V. Oliver, the Republican fund-raiser nominated by the administration to be ambassador to Unesco, and some of Mrs. Bush’s best friends from Texas, including Adair Margo, an El Paso art dealer who heads the White House committee on the arts and humanities. Ms. Graham, the singer, is from Mrs. Bush’s hometown of Midland, Tex.

The choice of Ms. Oliver, a staunch conservative, as ambassador may indicate the direction the Bush administration wants Unesco to take. She is the former president of Gopac, the Republican political advocacy organization, worked in the White House personnel office in the Reagan administration, and was the first President Bush’s commissioner of the National Council on Children.

Despite concerns among some Democratic lawmakers that she may be too politically extreme for the post, she is expected to win easy Senate confirmation. Asked about the wisdom of her appointment, Mr. Lantos declined public comment.



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