I like to think of myself as a Motivational Facilitator
and Corporate/Consumer Liaison…..

Resume padding.

You know. I “supervised” this, I “facilitated” that. Phony titles and euphemisms. You read them and you just know that you’re not getting a complete or accurate story. Something that seems so innocuous can be…hiding something. Why do I bring this up? I’m glad you asked….

So, I’m like, killing time, looking for something or someone to make fun of, and I think “Hey, Tom. Why don’t you cruise on over to the official Miss America site and check out this years Wind Beneath My Wings Belting-out Barbie dolls?” (I actually think like that. Really. Ask my wife.) So I’m checking out the various Misses representing all the great and wondrous states of our union, as well as Indiana, when I come across Miss Colorado. Hmmm. Let’s see…Katee Doland:

Katee Doland
Arvada, Colorado
Age: 23

Arvada High School
Regis University Graduate

Platform Issue: Literacy: The Million Words Challenge

Scholastic Ambition: To obtain a master’s degree in education and creative arts

Talent: Lyrical Dance

Scholastic Honors: Dean’s List; Regis Board of Trustees Academic Scholarship recipient; Nominated for USA Today’s All-Academic Team

Other Accomplishments: Motivational speaker for children and teens at 65 schools for the D.A.R.E. Program and the National Red Ribbon Campaign; founder of Reach Out and Read literacy program; 2002 and 2003 Denver Broncos Community Service Award recipient

Employment: Employed by Denver Broncos organization and a student teacher

Family: Father is the owner of a baseball academy. Mother is a kinderga——

Whoa there, little filly..

Employed by Denver Broncos organization?

Coach? Player? Trainer? Accounting department? Legal? Merchandising? or……maybe this.

Back row. Second from the left.

Yeah. That’s what I figured.

I think the tip-off was Talent: Lyrical Dance

But this is pretty good too:

Occupation and how does Broncos cheerleading affect your work?
I have also been the head coach for a high school cheerleading team. I take from the experiences that I have received as a member of this team, and in turn, try to instill in my own cheerleaders the values of teamwork, integrity and dedication.

Who do you admire the most in the sports industry?
I admire anyone in the sports industry who takes on the responsibility and the opportunity to be a positive role model for our young people.

Favorite book?
The Bible



Yeah. Like I would tell you....