I think this is pretty fcuking fcunny…

Nothing make me happier than seeing somone like Donald Wildmon get his skid-marked longjohns in a bunch. Thank the imaginary deity of your choice that he’s protecting our dyslexic teens:

Would you believe Target has approved its Marshall Field’s stores to sell a product called FCUK? Target must consider parents really naive to not know exactly what type of message they are “targeting” to our kids.

Here’s how one mother put it:

I didn’t see this on television but it was an advertisement insert in last Sunday’s newspaper for Marshall Field’s dept. store for a cologne and a clothing line aimed at teenagers called “Fcuk” and their advertising slogan to go with it is “scent to bed”. I was really appalled at this and then a friend of mine saw huge posters promoting this IN the Marshall Field’s store in my area. When she complained to a clerk about it she was referred to a manager who told her the corporate office makes all the decisions about what they advertise.

Another mother put it this way:

Not only does the name make an obvious grab at the mind to be misspelled as one of the vilest slang words ever used, it also goes further to make its point. A young, attractive, half dressed couple are snuggling on a bed with the words “scent to bed” superimposed over their picture. On the inside where you can pull the flyer apart to see what the product smells like you read “open here to try fcuk her” and “open here to try fcuk him”. On the back page is an offer to “get your scent to bed t-shirt”.

For a major retailer to promote and sell this type of product is reprehensible to me. I hope it is to you too! I think we need to pull out all the stops to let Target know they have crossed the line with our families.

Man, that is fcuked up……

This should do for FCUK what Fox’s lawsuit did for Al Franken.

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