Hey! I’m more Republican-er than you….

Joe Lieberman, the Manchurian Democratic Candidate, is upset with Wesley Clark for encroaching on his territory:

Igniting a spate of post-debate recrimination, Joe Lieberman (news – web sites) accused new presidential rival Wesley Clark on Friday of taking “a journey of political convenience, not conviction” from the Republican ranks to the Democratic Party. Clark’s camp called Lieberman desperate.

On the day after a 10-way Democratic presidential debate, Lieberman took issue with Clark expressing support for the Bush administration’s policies in a May 2001 address to the Arkansas GOP. Bush was pushing his tax-cut package at the time.

“I was fighting that reckless economic strategy while Wes Clark was working to forward the Republican agenda by raising money for the Republican Party,” the Connecticut senator said.

Clark spokesman Mark Fabiani fired back: “I think Senator Lieberman is an increasingly desperate candidate and it’s unfortunate that instead of articulating a vision for the future as General Clark has with his ‘New American Patriotism,’ Senator Lieberman is attacking other Democrats.”

Wah wah wah….hold me, Hadassah. I’m going down in flames…..



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