Did I mention he’s a…..

Michele Malkin went off the deep end this week. Okay, more so than last week or the week before or…well, you get the idea. Tired of bashing people who aren’t as white as she is, she’s stamping her little size 4 feet over Victor Salva. Who is Victor Salva?

Why he’s “convicted child molester Salva”, and we know this because Malkin uses that phrase 7 times in 666 words. I think her point is that he’s a “convicted child molester”, but I could be wrong. Anyway she writes:

After he was released on parole, convicted child molester Salva went on to write and direct the “critically acclaimed” 1995 movie “Powder,” in which he worked with many young actors. Winters and his mother bravely went public to protest Salva’s involvement. But his employers at Disney — Disney! — stood by him, as did liberal stars of the film, Mary Steenburgen and Jeff Goldblum. Also a staunch defender and patron of convicted child molester Salva’s: director Francis Ford Coppola, whose company produced “Clownhouse” and the two Jeepers Creepers movies.

Convicted child molester Salva’s saviors say their “talented” friend has paid his debt to society and should be left alone to express himself creatively and contribute positively to the movie industry. Separate the art from the artist, they preach. Just move on. That is patently impossible and irresponsible, however, when the director’s “art” involves the continued sexual exploitation of — and twisted obsession with — young boys.

Then Malkin gets a little moist in the cleavage describing Salva’s movie:

Consider the wretched plot of “Jeepers Creepers 2”: An ancient demon dubbed “the Creeper” preys on teenage basketball players trapped in a broken-down bus on a rural highway. Convicted child molester Salva’s camera lingers on the shirtless torsos of the boys, alive and dead. The boys, all buff and beautiful in that pedophilic Calvin Klein/Abercrombie and Fitch kind of way, sunbathe on the bus roof. The lascivious Creeper stalks and harvests his victims, devouring “certain parts of their anatomy while laminating the rest,” in the words of one movie critic. This orgy of bare skin and blood splatter, the sophisticated artistes lecture us, is convicted child molester Salva’s redeeming contribution to society. (my emphasis)

Actually I couldn’t find any reference to anyone describing that the “orgy of bare skin and blood splatter” is a “redeeming contribution to society”, but that doesn’t stop Malkin form saying it just so that she can bash “Hollyweird”. I can certainly understand Malkin getting her granny panties in a twist over Salva, but one would have to search far and wide to find her referring to Matt Glavin as “National Park Masturbator” Galvin, or Beverly Russell as “Stepdaughter raping” Bev Russell, or George Roche III.. as “Daughter in Law humping” George Roche



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