Luxuriating in my own splendiferous postulations

There was much rejoicing in the Conservative camp when the New York Times took on David Brooks (possibly in atonement for the sin of hiring Jayson Blair because he was black a liar). There must have been a party complete with cigars, WASPY beverages, and (to amuse the President) balloon animals. And presents! A MontBlanc pen from Bob Bartley. Some Cuban cigars from Jeb and Columba Bush. A bottle of Courvoisier and a Directors Cut DVD edition of Big Butt Sluts Vol. 14 from Clarence Thomas. And then there was the gift certificate for the Adjective Store that David got from George Will.

Looks like Brooks went on a shopping spree:

During the first half of the 90’s, I spent some time on the “Whither NATO?” circuit. I’d sit in stately European palaces with diplomats, parliamentarians and multilateral men who used the word “modality” a lot, and we’d discuss the post-cold-war international order.

There were disquisitions on multipolarity, subsidiarity and post-nation-state sovereignty. I recall a long debate on whether the post-cold-war United States would face east or west, as if we were phototropic.

The people at these conferences tended to be paranoiaphiliacs. They believed there was a secret conspiracy running the world, but they were in favor of it because they thought they were it.

But even as we were ratiocinating in those palaces, the Russians were tossing out Gorbachev, the Ukrainians were breaking away from Russia and the Serbs were massacring their neighbors

As our illustrious President Golf Cart Cowboy might say:

Gee Mr Brooks, you use your tongue purtier than a twenty dollar whore.

And he would know…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....