Wealthy Republican dips

To understand the letter to the editor below, you have to understand that the owner of the San Diego Chargers (0-3) is a multi-millionaire contributor to the Republican party as well as a Bush Pioneer. He’s a real free market kind of guy, except when it comes to taxpayers subsidizing his joke of a football team.

Spanos’ company develops and manages apartments and other real estate. He also owns the NFL’s San Diego Chargers. Three years ago, taxpayers agreed to spend $78 million to renovate the Chargers’ Qualcomm Stadium in return for a pledge that the Chargers would stay in San Diego until 2020. The city also has agreed to buy any leftover tickets that the Chargers do not sell at games. While this all seems like a sweetheart deal, Spanos now says the Chargers need a new stadium. If there is something wrong with the current one, this comes as news to the NFL, which is holding the Super Bowl there in 2003. “Given the current climate,” the team recently announced, “the Chargers do not expect the public to pay” for any new stadium.

What is unmentioned in the link is that Spanos wants the city to lease him prime real estate in the center of town for pennies, as well as declare it a redevelopment district for further tax breaks. Which leads us to this letter in this mornings San Diego Union:

The cost of war and of stadiums

To put the cost of the Iraq war in perspective, if the City of San Diego were given the amount the military spends in one week on Iraq we could pay for 2112 stadiums.

Given that both the war and the stadium lack objective reasons to exist other than to enable wealthy Republicans the opportunity to dip from to public trough, I will leave arguing the comparative waste of either endeavor to others.


Mission Hills

Someone buy that man a drink.



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