The Vast Right Wing Network at Work

You have to wonder sometimes where the money comes from to keep the army of right wing hacks and flacks busy churning out the swill, lies, and other effluvia that eventually ends up on Fox News as gospel. We all know about Richard Mellon Scaife, that man who was more interested in Bill Clinton’s penis than Bill himself. With the announcement today of the Bradley Awards, it’s probably a good time to take a look at just who these Bradleys are:

With over $700 million in assets1, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation of Milwaukee,Wisconsin is the country’s largest and most influential right-wing foundation. As of the end of 1998, it was giving away more than $30 million a year [The Bradley Foundation 1998 Annual Report].

Its financial resources, its clear political agenda, and its extensive national network of contacts and collaborators in political, academic and media circles has allowed it to exert an important influence on key issues of public policy. While its targets range from affirmative action to social security, it has seen its greatest successes in the areas of welfare “reform” and attempts to privatize public education through the promotion of school vouchers.

What Bradley Money Buys:
Within Milwaukee, Bradley money goes to a host of local organizations and institutions, most of which are not political in character. Virtually all the cultural institutions and most of the local colleges receive grants. The money buys good will and helps secure the hometown base.The overall objective of the Bradley Foundation, however, is to return the U.S. – and the world- to the days before governments began to regulate Big Business, before corporations were forced to make concessions to an organized labor force. In other words, laissez-faire capitalism: capitalism with the gloves off.
To further this objective, Bradley supports the organizations and individuals that promote the deregulation of business, the rollback of virtually all social welfare programs, and the privitization of government services. As a result, the list of Bradley grant recipients reads like a Who’s Who of the U.S. Right. Bradley money supports such major right-wing groups as the Heritage Foundation, source of policy papers on budget cuts, supply-side economics and the Star Wars military plan for the Reagan administration; the Madison Center for Educational Affairs, which provides funding for right-wing research and a network of conservative student newspapers; and the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, literary home for such racist authors as Charles Murray (The Bell Curve) and Dinesh D’Souza (The End of Racism), former conservative officeholders Jeane Kirkpatrick, Jack Kemp and William Bennett, and arch-conservative jurists Robert Bork and Antonin Scalia.

So, who won the inaugural Bradley $250,000 awards?:

Mary Ann Glendon, Leon R. Kass, Charles Krauthammer and Thomas Sowell.

Considering the Bradley’s history when it comes to racism, sexism, and their daliance with the John Birch Society, I guess that we should be impressed that they selected a woman, a Jew, a handicapped Jew, and an African-American.

I guess the price for washing away the sins of the past clocks in at a cool million these days….

(Make sure you read all of Media Transparency’s info on the Bradleys and their involvement with Charles Murray, the war against the poor, and their above-ground racism)



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