Paul Bremer is making Condi Rice look competent

Things are going smoothly I see:

At least two U.S. soldiers were wounded Thursday in what may have been a single incident west of Baghdad, military officials in Baghdad said.

The soldiers were wounded when they came under small-arms fire and their Humvee drove over an improvised explosive device, said a coalition press office spokeswoman in Baghdad.

She said more than one vehicle was involved in the incident.

The soldiers were from the 82nd Airborne Division.

In Khaldiya, east Ramadi, townspeople who may have been describing the same incident said a convoy of vehicles was ambushed and a number of soldiers were wounded in the ensuing gunbattle, which lasted for several hours.

Word of the attack was met by a celebration, during which hundreds of Iraqis — many of them carrying pictures of Saddam Hussein — fired weapons into the air, CNN Correspondent Nic Robertson reported.

Iraqi-Turk oil pipeline burns

An oil fire along the Iraqi-Turk pipeline in north-central Iraq Thursday morning is believed to be sabotage, an Iraqi official said.

Nadhim Thanon, Iraq’s chief engineer of the pipeline, said an explosion caused the fire north of Baiji, near Tikrit, ousted leader Saddam Hussein’s hometown.

Coalition officials said they were uncertain of the explosion’s cause. Officials have blamed two pipeline fires since mid-August on sabotage.

Iraqi officials, along with coalition forces from the U.S. Army’s 4th Infantry Division in Tikrit, are investigating and working to control the fire.

The explosion reduced the flow of oil from Iraq to Turkey.

Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, commander of U.S. ground forces in Iraq, said the coalition is examining how to improve security around oil pipelines.

“We lose … up to about $7 million a day when we cannot export that oil,” Sanchez said, noting the money is for Iraqis.

Thanon said he expected to have the fire under control later Thursday and then would be able to determine the amount of damage. He said his crews are overworked and hindered by a lack of parts.

Good thing it’s not a quagmire…



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