Iraqi flypaper

Middle Eastern terrorists baited us with 9/11 and now Americans are dying everyday:

Iraq is thus where we must stand and fight. For if we do not defeat the terrorists there, we will have to fight them in our cities.

So runs the argument. The natural response of Americans is to nod in agreement. After all, we Americans are not cowards. When attacked, we fight as long as we have to, and we win our wars.

But our enemies know us better than we know ourselves. We are reacting exactly as they anticipated and doing exactly what they want. Full of wounded pride and outraged patriotism, we lunged right into the trap baited for us on Sept. 11.

The terrorists who drove those airliners into the Pentagon and World Trade Center did not expect to bring down the U.S. government or force the surrender of the United States. They are fanatics, not fools. The wanted to wound, bleed and provoke America into lashing out.


Our smashing of Iraq and our huge military footprint there now have turned millions of Muslims against us and forced friendly Arab regimes into making a painful choice: Side with America and face the resentment of your countrymen, or separate and risk alienating the superpower upon whom your survival depends.

To save themselves from Islamic wrath, the Saudis told us to take our troops out of their country, and the Turks, our old allies, refused – even with huge bribes – to join our invasion.

By sending an American army to occupy Baghdad, the seat of the caliphate for 500 years, we played into al-Qaida’s hands. We are where they want us. We are where they can get at us. We are where they can kill us on their timetable, on their own turf.

The author may suprise you, but it shouldn’t.

(Thanks to JS for the link)

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