Too bad. You should have been born a man….

If you’re a pregnant woman in need of a late-term abortion because there is a possibility you may not survive childbirth…tough. The pasty white men don’t care:

The first federal law that would restrict a woman’s right to abortion moved a step closer to President Bush’s signature today when the Senate, which had refused to send the bill to conference with the House, agreed unanimously to do so.

Backers of the measure, which would outlaw the late-term procedure that opponents call partial-birth abortion, say they hope to have it on Mr. Bush’s desk later this fall. The only remaining obstacle is a provision, contained in the Senate bill but not the House version, that affirms Senate support for the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion.

As part of today’s action, the Senate voted 93 to 0 to affirm that right again and disagree with the House bill.

But the unanimous vote — which opponents of abortion said reflected their desire to get the larger bill to conference — provided little comfort to advocates for abortion rights because both Democrats and Republicans expect the Roe language to be stripped from the final measure.

“It won’t be a problem,” said Senator Rick Santorum, Republican of Pennsylvania and a chief sponsor of the larger measure. “It’s extraneous to the matter at hand.”

On the brighter side, you can gamble like the Santorums and maybe you’ll live to take your dead baby home for pictures.

Karen Santorum had a choice…you won’t.



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