I coulda gone to West Point if I didn’t have that problem with my ass…

According to K-Lo at The Corner:

GEN. ASHLEY WILKES [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Is what Rush Limbaugh is calling Clark.
Posted at 12:32 PM

This coming from Pfc. Anal Cyst.

Meanwhile, here’s the kind of hard-hitting political commentary and analysis that makes NRO the place where the conservative intelligentsia gather:


Besides the fact that the Clinton mafia is mysteriously supporting him (If they think he can win, then you’d think Hillary wouldn’t want him to run since a Clark Presidency would ruin her chances to be president) I’m opposed to Wes Clark running for President because he is the only Democrat it’s hard to make fun of. It’s hard not to make fun of Sharpton, Kucinich, and Braun. Lieberman looks like a rodeo clown who hasn’t had his foundation make-up removed yet. Edwards is a trial lawyer who would still be a trial lawyer if he looked like Kucinich. I think I’ve said this before, but Dean’s the sort of arrogant liberal who yells at you for buying the wrong book at his used book store. John Kerry looks like some suction-cup-fingered demon sucked-out his soul through his temples. Graham thinks he’s doing history some great favor by recording his bowel movements on notepads.

But what am I supposed to say about Wesley Clark? He’s too neat? I’m sure we’ll find something, but for now it’s vexing.

Glad to see that Lucianne’s crotchfruit is earning his pay….



Yeah. Like I would tell you....