It’s Ass-Kickalicious

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Kicking Ass….I like that.

At what point will the delicate flowers of Republicanism complain about the name.

“Vulgar” ~ George Will

“Offensive and unseemly” ~ Carol Devine-Molin

“We only used that word when I was with the Panthers…have I mentioned I used to be with the Panthers?” ~ David Horowitz

“My mom won’t let me use that word….poopy!…hee hee…shhh…don’t tell…” ~ Ben Shapiro

“Major league assholes” ~ George W. Bush

“When he wasn’t sleeping in a pool of his own vomit, Sen. Joseph McCarthy would have kicked their in their traitorous asses. God, I need a cigarette and my coffee enema” ~ Ann Coulter



Yeah. Like I would tell you....