Pure gobbledygook

It’s been awhile since we looked in on Carol “Scary Hair” Devine-Molin, but this time we promise to actually read her column as opposed to sitting and staring at her hairstyle and wondering how it can simultaneously defy the laws of gravity and good taste. Anyway, as Carol sees it, George Bush’s problem is just so much bad PR what with soldiers dying and the public having second thoughts about dropping another $87 billion down the Halliburton/Exxon/Bechtel/Lockheed rathole:

You would think that Americans would be grateful for the wonderful job President Bush has done in the wake of September 11th, keeping our nation free from further terror attacks over the past two years. Unfortunately, public opinion indicates otherwise. According to the latest Gallup poll, the president’s overall approval rating has slipped to 52%. Why? Memories are short, and people are being swayed by an onslaught of hate-filled, anti-Bush propaganda. The incessant carping and trash-talking by President Bush’s detractors are having an impact. There’s no denying it — The Bush team must contend with some significant PR difficulties regarding the Iraqi situation. And it’s now pivotal that administration members staunchly combat the lies and disinformation being bandied about the public arena.

The Left-leaning elites in both media and politics, aided and abetted by their cohorts, the phony-baloney “conservatives” that have labeled themselves the paleoconservatives, continue to viciously beat upon President Bush and the US efforts in Iraq. What is it with this “blame America first” crowd? Apparently, they get their cheap thrills by repeatedly denouncing President Bush and members of his national security and defense team as “Neocon warmongers” and “American imperialists”. How shall I put this delicately? They are not only spouting pure gobbledygook, but they’re terribly unseemly! And the Lilliputians running for the Democratic presidential nomination, who are thoroughly entrenched in this Bush-bashing circus, are particularly disgraceful. My hunch is that the churlishness of these Democrats will eventually backfire on them.

You know, once someone points out that my criticism of the President is “unseemly” I have to step back and consider whether I’m being unfair. Maybe George W Bush is doing a wonderful job, maybe we’re being too hard on this wonderful man who has done so much for our country when it comes to the conduct of war, foreign relations, the economy, and the environment. Maybe he is a good man and President.


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