When you’ve got a heart like mine, the forseeable future is one year…and I never buy green bananas

De-fib Dick hit the talk shows yesterday and fibbed:

Vice President Dick Cheney, appearing on the NBC News program “Meet the Press,” made the case for the administration’s request for an additional $87 billion, the bulk to go to stabilizing and rebuilding Iraq, with some for Afghanistan as well.

“It’s all that we think we’ll need for the foreseeable future, for this year,” Mr. Cheney said. He did not rule out the possibility of subsequent requests for more funds.


“There’s no question but what we’ve encountered resistance,” Mr. Cheney said. “But I don’t think anybody expected the time we were there to be absolutely trouble-free.”

He said the administration had anticipated “holdover elements from the regime that would fight us and struggle,” and had planned for violence from non-Iraqi terrorist cells that would aim attacks at American forces and United States interests in Iraq.

Mr. Cheney conceded that he had misspoken when, during a television interview last spring, he said Iraq had “reconstituted nuclear weapons,” but he expressed confidence that evidence that Mr. Hussein had a program for unconventional weapons would be uncovered. He also said he had played no role in obtaining contracts for the Halliburton Company, which he once led, for projects in postwar Iraq.

Watch out for the exploding polygraph shrapnel…



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