I got them Construction Guy Bad Music Blues

My neighbor has been having an addition built for about, oh, six months or so. The work is being done by construction friends of his on days when they don’t have work at their real construction jobs. Because of this, on the days that they work, we are subjected to hours of Music Construction Guys Listen To When They Are Hammering Nails and Yelling At Each Other. In other words, bad 70’s/80’s rock stations.

When was the last time your heard Three Dog Night do Black and White? When was the last time you wanted to hear it? How about Dreamweaver? Chevy Van? I can live with occasional Hot for Teacher or even Midnight Confessions, and I appreciate Heard It Through the Grapevine and California Man, but wasn’t there a law passed against playing Hitchin’ A Ride?

Today Johnny Cash’s Hurt came on, but within seconds the station was switched to another one that was playing the Clash’s Train in Vain…but that wasn’t good enough, so he moved onto another station that was playing Alice Cooper’s Only Women Bleed, and that…is…where…he…stopped.


…and don’t get me started on my neighbor who plays Matchbox 20 every friggin’ night.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....