Ah, patriotism

Mark Morford:

And yep, sure enough, the world, as promised, has never been the same. Not one single heartfelt notion of large-scale, tangible peace and unity and tenderness among nations, no true sense of stunned, sad coming together in the wake of tragedy has managed to survive, has made it through the warmongering onslaught of the BushCo juggernaut. Nice time to be an American, really.

Do you remember? The days immediately after 9/11? That rich feeling of global sympathy and sincere concern and this powerful, overarching sense that maybe, just maybe, if we work together and reach out to each other without snide bias or prejudice, we can re-make the world in an entirely new, politically purified, blazingly conscious, peace-seeking vision? No? It’s OK. Neither does anyone else.

So here we are, the biggest deficit in U.S. history and the worst interstate financial crisis since the Depression and millions more people without jobs every day, the environment and independent thought and your civil liberties slowly being hacked away as more money is spent on our barbaric Iraqi occupation this year than on U.S. education. Ahh, patriotism.

(Added): Michele at A Small Victory doesn’t like Morford’s column. My take is that
A) She didn’t really read it or
B) It hits too close to home



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