Money for nothing and the bile is free

Atrios already made the obvious observation about Ann Coulter here, but then there is this:

Gov. Howard Dean has been issuing diatribes against the Bush administration that would surpass even Tariq Aziz with severe menstrual cramps. This strategy has made him the runaway favorite of the Democratic Party. Even Mr. War Hero, John Kerry, is getting shellacked by Dean. At times Kerry seems almost ready to surrender, making him look even more French. (If only Kerry had a war record or an enormously rich spouse to fall back on!)

The next obvious question to ask is: who pays for this shit? I mean, are there papers that really think that she has anything to offer to political discourse? She’s not funny or even ocassionally witty. She’s a notorious liar. She has never written a column that has shown any evidence that she has any knowledge about the subject at hand, and besides, she can’t write for shit. Her work is a collection of disjointed slurs strung together by misrepresentations and non-sequential outbursts. I’ve met people who have Tourette’s Syndrome, I’ve just never met anyone who typed out their impulses.

For example…what the hell does this mean?

In the wake of Dean’s success, the entire Democratic Dream Team is beginning to sound like Dr. Demento.

That’s it…no follow up. No indication of what this Dr. Demento sound would sound like. Just a banal moronic soundbite that wouldn’t raise a chuckle out of even the stupidest, lamest Freeper, and believe me, there’s a shitload of them to try it on.

I guess I just don’t get it. And I’m proud of that.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....