And you like the Pet Shop Boys. What’s your excuse….?

Andy Sullivan can’t seem to get over Howard Dean’s fondness for Jaspora, and even after he gets a translation he still gets it wrong.

Reads like a screed against assimilating Haitian immigrants to me; and theatens violence against those who assimilate a little too thoroughly. This is Howard Dean’s favorite song?

Better stick with Neil Tennant, Andy:

You dress me up, I’m your puppet
You buy me things, I love it
You bring me food, I need it
You give me love, I feed it

And look at the two of us in sympathy
With everything we see
I never want anything, it’s easy
You buy whatever I need

But look at my hopes, look at my dreams
The currency we’ve spent
(Ooooh) I love you, oh, you pay my rent
(Ooooh) I love you, oh, you pay my rent

Sounds like a Sullivan pledge drive…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....