What we lost. What George Bush squandered.

When words fail us

Chris, who created the site, wrote this:

This is a site I built a couple of days after 9-11. I took it down about six months later because it seemed outdated.

Something I will never forget: On the Thursday after 9-11, a user-group forum I subscribed to was discussing the attacks and one of the members was skeptical that anyone else in the world cared. Shortly afterward, pictures such as these started pouring in from the international members.

An American member said, “We thought you hated us.”

A member in France (yes, that one) replied, “Of course we don’t hate you. Most of us owe our freedom to the U.S. It’s just that you can be such assholes sometimes.”

I collected the pictures and built the site that evening.

I resurrected the site on its second anniversary to remind us not to be such assholes.




Yeah. Like I would tell you....