Because he’s going to topple…now!….okay…now! ….here it comes…now!…wait for it ..c’mon….now!….

Ever mindful of sucking up to the vocal and permanently disgruntled Florida Cubans, El Presidente Arbusto says no! to travel in Cuba:

The Bush administration on Monday repeated a threat to veto any repeal of the restrictions on travel to Cuba, saying that tourism would not help get rid of President Fidel Castro

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on Tuesday on an amendment that would deny the Bush administration the funds it needs to enforce the travel restrictions.

“Sunbathers are not going to liberate Cuba nor is upgrading the brunch at Cuba’s isolated tourist enclave hotels,” Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega told an event at the Center of Strategic and International Studies.

The U.S. government requires licenses to visit Cuba but does not give them to tourists, arguing that tourism dollars strengthen the government without benefiting the people.

A coalition of business organizations and human rights groups have been making a determined push to overturn the embargo and the travel restrictions, saying they have failed to topple Fidel Castro and have provided the leader with an excuse for the island’s economic woes.


Last week the White House said that lifting sanctions now “would provide a helping hand to a desperate and repressive regime at the expense of the Cuban people” and that “the President’s senior advisers would recommend a veto.

…and because the embargo has worked so well to bring down the dictatorship of Fidel Castro who has so far outlived Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Reagan (any minute now…).

George W Bush isn’t going to be the one to roll over for no olive-drab clad Cubanian, no siree….



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