Busy work at the State Department

Now that Donald Rumsfeld has taken over foreign policy, as well as leading the fight against evildoers, the good folks at the State Department have to find something to do all day besides play Tetris and enter Fark photoshop contests.

The State Department has issued a “worldwide caution,” warning U.S. citizens and employees of the threat of more terror attacks on the second anniversary of the September 11 attacks, saying there are “increasing indications that al Qaeda is preparing to strike U.S. interests abroad.”

The State Department also said al Qaeda is pursuing actions “more devastating” than the deadly plane hijackings two years ago.


A Bush administration official, however, said there is no immediate plan to change the nation’s threat level from yellow, or “elevated,” to orange, or “high,” despite recent intelligence over the threats of terror strikes.

…but they might later, after lunch or maybe after the three o’clock Starbucks run. Whatever.

(Added): Todays Non Sequitur seems to agree.



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