President Grifter

Con men have long known that a good time to take advantage of a mark is within days of a death in the family when a grieving relative is off balance and not thinking clearly. George Bush, known for selling a brand of snake oil known as “compassionate conservatism”, knows this all too well:

President Bush, seeking still greater powers to fight terrorism, appears to have calculated that the renewed memories of the Sept. 11 attacks evoked by their second anniversary will be enough to outweigh rising concerns over civil liberties.

Mr. Bush’s proposal for stronger counterterrorism laws, made in a toughly worded speech today, faces a hard sell in Congress, as the administration tries to persuade skeptical lawmakers in both parties that the authorities will not abuse their growing power to investigate and lock up suspects.

He couldn’t be any more obvious if he wrapped a bloody flag around his shoulders.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....