Race Card Paul and the Estrada Ejection

Paul Greenberg is throwing a snitty about Lil Miguelito:

Clearly he would never do. A brilliant attorney, a hard-driving lawyer with the solicitor general’s office, an upward-bound immigrant devoted to his adopted country ever since he got here from Honduras, Miguel Estrada had a crippling political disability. Two of them, actually. As if being a Republican weren’t bad enough, he had to be Hispanic, too

Miguel Estrada might have been spared if he’d been only one or the other — a thoughtful conservative or a genuine compadre. But in tandem, those two qualities sank his nomination. The very thought of such a twofer shatters too many stereotypes, How demonize Republicans as stupid, xenophobic haters if they’re nominating a bright, young immigrant for the appellate bench? Can’t have that.

To repeat one more time:


Guess those are “ethnic” names down in Arkansas.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....