Quick. Call Santorum! Marmaduke is humping little Jeffy from Family Circus.

Brent Bozell finally finds a topic he’s knowledgeable about:

This great country may still have a debate about decency in the newspapers, where community-based publishers have the power to refuse syndicated material they deem inappropriate. It’s sad that there’s nothing close to this kind of debate at the nation’s TV stations, where station managers are either working for stations owned by networks or bullied by network brass not to “censor” sexually explicit programming, even in the family hour. On TV, the M-word is not yet common, but references to masturbation are constant, and growing.

Take NBC’s “Friends,” first up during the family hour every Thursday night. In one plot, Monica is disturbed that she found her husband Chandler “molesting himself” to a shark attack show. “Yes, Chandler watches shark porn.” Later, Chandler reassures her he was switching channels from “some good old-fashioned American girl-on-girl action,” and Monica replies, “Can I tell you how happy that makes me?”

When it comes to masturbation and cartoons, Bozell is a big proponent of strict abstinence until swimsuit season in Cathy, at which point it’s time for Brent to “lube up and lock the door”…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....