A high-tech pinata bashing….

It’s a warm and sultry Georgetown evening, and what is a long-suffering wife to do while her husband is locked in his office watching Big Butt Teenaged Sluts Vol. 12? Why, write a Wall Street Journal editorial, silly:

Not only is this a sad day for Miguel and Laurie Estrada, but we have all let something unfortunate occur in Washington. We allowed the U.S. Senate to erect a “glass ceiling” in our courts–you can do all the right things in America, but if you do not agree with Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, you need not apply as a federal judge. This is the message that Democrats hope minorities, in particular, get from their victory as they succeeded in repelling a talented man, who happens to be Hispanic, from public service. For the hard left, Miguel Estrada was not qualified to be a federal judge because he would not march to their drumbeat.

You see, it’s all about the race. Just ask Guillermo Pryor, Pilar Owens, and Chachi Pickering.

At my husband’s side through his Supreme Court confirmation ordeal, I know the personal toll and pain of these tactics. Being a nominee means putting one’s life on hold. The process is all consuming, even though those in decision-making offices seem nonplussed. Your telephone rings. You learn that there are people calling your friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers who are engaged in “digging up dirt.” You spend untold hours filling out repetitive forms on every place you’ve lived, every place you’ve traveled, every contribution you’ve made, every word you’ve uttered, and so on.

The women you’ve stalked, the stroke videos you’ve rented, a cataloging of your extensive collection of Big Juggs magazine. And all so you can land a lifetime appointment on the highest court of the land to perform a job that you’re painfully unqualified for. I mean, where is the justice in that?

Whether we are on the right or left, whether we are political or nonpolitical, each of us is partly responsible for Miguel’s decision to withdraw his nomination. What did you and I do to discourage an honorable man who is mainstream and qualified from serving his country? It’s not enough to look the other way as the left makes charges that go unanswered. Miguel Estrada is no extremist. It is the left that wants to capture the federal judiciary, as it claims is the goal of the right. I’ve seen this before–when those on the left accuse you of something they are guilty of themselves.

As I wrote previously on March 14, 2002, in this very space, the battle is whether there will be an independent judiciary or a liberal litmus test to transform our courts into another political branch. Miguel Estrada said yes to public service for 29 months; what did we do in that same time frame and what can we do now to help good people serve?

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I go fetch Clarence a fresh box of tissues…



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