Today’s Tom Sawyer*

As I read about Germany and France saying “Bite me” to President Whistle Ass, it reminds me of Tom Sawyer attempting to lure the neighborhood kids into painting the fence for him.

“Send our military into a viper pit? Provide money to rebuild a country that you destroyed, against the wishes of the world, so that your political contributors can reap the reward? Sure. Where do I sign up?”

Somehow the Bush Administration braintrust got it into their heads that the European nations are made up of Fox-News-watching, mouth-breathing, Toby-Keith-listening, gun-loving dumb puppies with short memories. You mainly find them in Georgia**. The fact that these countries are saying “No” isn’t an indication that they are elitist or arrogant or coddlers of “Islamo-facists” (whatever they are). They’re just not dumbasses….

(*My use of Today’s Tom Sawyer should not be construed to mean that I approve of Rush. While technically talented, Rush sucks)

(**The state of Georgia still has some explaining to do to make up for choosing Chickenhawk Saxby Chambliss over Max Cleland.)



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