Another lying liar who lies

Tim Graham over at The Corner:

Enron-connected Tom White, who the press hounded to resign from the Pentagon, is now suddenly the new top expert on how the Pentagon failed to anticipate postwar Iraq. He appeared this morning via tape kicking off the interview segments at both ABC and NBC this morning.


Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld demanded U.S. Army Secretary Tom White step down Friday, a senior Pentagon official said, a move that follows two years of contention between the two.

The official said Rumsfeld called White into his office and demanded his resignation, which White provided.

In a short statement released Friday, the Pentagon said White had resigned but offered no explanation. The statement said Rumsfeld accepted the resignation and expressed appreciation to White “for his long and able service to the country, first as a career U.S. Army officer and then as secretary of the Army.”

Notice Graham’s sneering reference to Enron as if to indicate that Enron was some sort of scandal that had nothing to do with the administration. Enron only becomes an epithet to people like Graham when the administration is under attack.

More on White here from the Beltway Bandit.



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