Bon mots from the Chuck E Cheese Algonquin table

Oh, the drollery!:

North Korea’s performance as a dictatorial pariah is something of a tautology. What more can be written about than the DPRK’s congenital unreliability in civilized conduct, brutality towards the North Korean population and obsession with catastrophic weapons? It’s like putting together a script for The Three Stooges: maybe a little something unexpected but for the most part, variations on a theme. James Robbins busts the average:

This instrumentalist view of international agreements may not come as a surprise to students of Soviet history, but if there are any of them in the State Department, they were probably reading Lenin for the wrong reasons.

Dennis Miller, move over!

I dare confess that I guffawed and chortled so at such whimsy, such gay repartee, that I hastened to my bedchamber for a lie-down and a nip of laudanum to sooth my fevered brow. How deliciously naughty….



Yeah. Like I would tell you....