George W Bush by the numbers

Prior to the 2000 (s)election, the popular line on the presidential candidates was that Gore was a “liar” and George W Bush was “stupid”. A quick check with Google finds some interesting numbers.

A search of Bush+stupid will get you 1.1 million links.

Gore+liar only gets you 48,400 links.

I guess George ‘beat’ Al again, and without help from Fat Tony this time.

Here’s some more fun numbers:

George W Bush+liar will get you 51,700

Bush+AWOL 43,000

George W Bush+monkey 84,900 (This is suprising close to Clinton+penis which would garner you 84,800…go figure)

Bush+drunk 438,000

Bush+coward 92,000

Isn’t the internet fun?

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