One man’s “moral fall” is another man’s “hot gay sex”

His heart belonged to Jesus…but his penis had other ideas:

Five years after starring in a national advertising campaign claiming gays can change their sexual orientation, Michael Johnston experienced a “moral fall” and left behind his ministries, two conservative Christian groups that worked with Johnston confirmed this week.

“I received a call from [Johnston] asking forgiveness as a Christian brother and asking for our prayers, indicating that he was working with his pastor and his church to try to find some restoration in his relationship with God,” said Buddy Smith, American Family Association administrator.

The Mississippi-based AFA partnered with Johnston to promote ex-gay programs, including Johnston’s National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day.

The annual event is unlikely to continue following Johnston’s “moral fall,” but Smith said the AFA won’t abandon its claims that gays can change.

Then there is this unfortunate quote:

“Many people are still behind him, and we think he did the responsible thing by closing the ministry down,” LaBarbera added.

Must…not…make… obvious ….joke……



Yeah. Like I would tell you....