One down, 8,999,999 to go

President Lucky To Have A Job wants to create more jobs, something he has been saying for three years now as we have shed close to three million of them during his reign of error:

“We’re committed to helping those who’ve got a job to keep a job and for those who are looking, to find a job,” Bush said to cheers. “That’s the commitment this Labor Day.”

Bush’s trip to Richfield, Ohio, on a damp, overcast holiday marked his third visit this year to the Buckeye State, which he narrowly won in 2000. He spoke to members of the International Union of Operating Engineers, which represents 400,000 construction and maintenance workers in the United States and Canada.

Tucked between the Democratic strongholds of Akron and Cleveland, Richfield has leaned toward Republicans in past elections. The site of Bush’s speech, the union’s training facility, was well-prepped for his visit. A half dozen construction cranes provided the backdrop where Bush was to speak on a damp, overcast day.

Bush defended his administration’s handling of the economy at a time when the civilian jobless rate is at 6.2 percent and more than 9 million people are out of work.

At least he created one job today:

Bush also announced that he asked Commerce Secretary Don Evans to create the position of assistant commerce secretary for manufacturing to give more attention to a sector of the economy that has been especially hard hit. Bush will nominate that person but there is no timetable for his selection, said White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan.

Everybody please fill out your application and get in line. All nine million of you. And no shoving….

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