Twenty seven heads sharing four brains

Kathryn Jean Lopez, the Den Mother of The Corner is shocked that Al Franken had fourteen researchers for his book.

But so is this: Al Franken had 14 Harvard research assistants working on Lies.
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But she apparently sees nothing wrong with The Corner employing, oh, twenty or thirty Not Ready For Big Media Players to crank out important stuff like this on a daily basis for The National Review:

LOOK FOR [Susan Konig]
my upcoming collection of short stories, Emily Dickinson Comes Out and other stories. Not yet published (like KJL’s presidential hunk book) but ripe to be made into a major motion picture starring Ashton Kutcher as the mail man of Amherst.
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SUSAN [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
That was so profoundly disturbing.
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My Life had stood — a Loaded Gun —
In Corners — till a Day
The Owner passed — identified —
And carried Me away —
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E.D. [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Maybe it’s the hour, Susan, and the fact I am still way behind where I should be work-wise [WHAT? WAS THAT COSMO WHO SAID “THEN SHUT YOUR BROWSER, LOPEZ?” NO, THE DOG’S IN MAINE, MUST HAVE BEEN JONAH’S ABANDONED COUCH], but that is such a relief.
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KATHRYN: [Susan Konig]
If it makes you feel any more brainy (I know it does me), did you know that you can sing almost any Emily Dickinson poem to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas”?
Try it:
Because I could not stop for Death —
He kindly stopped for me —
The Carriage held but just ourselves —
And Immortality.
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I’M NOT PROUD [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
I really should have attended the Derbyshire school (can you imagine?). I discovered just now I have, instead of Derb’s 20 memorizable poems (plus Psalm add-on), I have the lyrics to Air Supply, Mr. Mister, the Bee Gees…What clutters the mind! Something tells me that nothing clutters the Derb mind, it is all put to some constructive use–whether it be in one of his countless careers…somewhere, someday….(before the history of NRO is written, Derb will be a cult-hero/legend).
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THE CHILDREN, AGAIN [Andrew Stuttaford]

Rule 1: When someone talks about ‘the children’ watch out for your wallet.

Rule 2: When someone talks about ‘the children’ watch out for your freedoms.

And now, it seems:

Rule 3: When someone talks about ‘the children’ watch out for your democracy.

According to the London Sunday Times (no link) Germany’s parliament is to consider a proposal which would give parents the right to cast additional ballots for each of their children below the age of 18. A Green parliamentarian interviewed by the Sunday Times compared the move to the campaign for female suffrage and added this:

“This is no joke because there are millions of little people living in our society today who often have more informed political views than adults who are currently being discriminated against simply on account of their age.”

Votes for these “little people?” Oh, pleathe. I think I am going be thick.

Who knew that the National Review was a Workfare project?



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