If God didn’t want them sheared, He wouldn’t have made them sheep

Creepy televangelist D. James Kennedy invites you to Ft. Lauderdale to help reclaim America for Jesus, because, apparently, America used to belong to Jesus but he left the cake out in the rain, or something like that….Anyway:

Join D. James Kennedy, frontline Christian leaders, and hundreds of other Christians at Reclaiming America For Christ 2003, October 24-25 in Fort Lauderdale. This premier grassroots training event will give you the expertise and knowledge you need to speak out and make an impact!

Did I mention that it’s going to cost you $150 to attend? Well, it’s not like D. Jim is doing God’s work for free, after all, the labourer is worthy of his hire (Luke 10:7).

So why should you attend? According to D. Jim, consider the alternative:

You are saying it is not the fault of the liberals. It is not the fault of the atheists, secularists, or the homosexuals, it is the fault of the church?

That is where I put the basic fault, the beginning fault. Now, once the nation is deprived of that Gospel message, many people do not have their lives changed, and they get involved in running pornographic theaters or molesting children, or doing a thousand other things, creating all of the other problems we have in this country. But why do these people do this? The reason they do it is because their hearts have never been changed.

“running pornographic theaters or molesting children”?

Decisions, decisions…so many debaucheries, so little time…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....