Okay. That leaves lemonade stands, Amway, Mary Kay, and selling stereo speakers out of vans in parking lots.

The US welcomes other countries to try their hand at free enterprise in Iraq…as long as it isn’t one of the industries that we handed over to Bush contributors:

American officials here are preparing an order that for the first time in decades would pry open most Iraqi industries for foreign investment, opening a new lifeline for an economy starved of capital during Saddam Hussein’s government.

The proposal, outlined in a memo by the top American civilian administrator here, L. Paul Bremer III, and circulated among the Iraqi Governing Council, is a step toward creating a relatively open economy in a region long protective of its domestic markets.

Aware of those sensitivities, the proposal excludes railroads, oil and natural resources, electricity, and water and sewage — areas that are either linked to national security or that might inflame national resentment if opened to foreigners.

Remember…when it comes to Iraq, we’re not “foreigners”. We are benevolent uninvited guests who aren’t willing to just settle for taking the little shampoo bottles, bars of soap, or fluffy white monogrammed robes.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....